Prof. Peri’s Taxonomy of Research

The proposed concept is a new methodology, an innovation for the assessment of quality of researchers and research products over the existing practices. This concept forms the theoretical base for objective assessment of quality of research. It is, in fact the quality assurance of research products. Taxonomy is systematics. The process of taxonomy is down to bottom analysis followed by synthesis of the total content a science. The best examples are: life of life sciences is their taxonomy and chemistry has been developed with periodical table, which is taxonomy of elements. The proposed taxonomy is for the science of Research, and is named as Prof. Peri’s taxonomy.

Need: Taxonomy is the fundamental requirement for development of any science. Taxonomy is the basic theory on which any science could build up on. But, the science of research has no taxonomy so far. This is the first attempt in the world. In the absence of taxonomy, assessment of quality of researcher and research products are subjective and hence defective. (Research products = theory, law, principle, research paper, book, literary composition, piece of creative art etc).

It revolutionizes the policy of:
i) award of research degrees and faculty selections in universities, and research institutes.
ii) R & D units of industries. It as criteria for the selections, pay, promotions and incentives
for the talented researchers,
iii) funding of projects, mid-and-final evaluations, and
iv) conferring research awards at all level, including the Nobel prize.

On the whole, assurance of quality research is the gain.