1. Upasana and the Cognitive Development: By the technique of Upasana (meditative intuition) cognitive development above human level is possible. The Western Education and Psychology have no such strategies for cognitive development. A basic conceptual write up was attempted.

2. Distance In service Teacher Education – UNESCO funding, Rs. 20K. A Project on UNESCO-IGNOU – R.S. Vidyapitham – Case Study of CIEFL has been done and recommended CIEFL mode of Distance In service Teacher Education to other school subjects. Suggested 4 modes for its managements.

3. A Package of Commitment for Primary School Teachers – National Council for Teacher Education funding, Rs. 180K. A Project of NCTE. Based NCTE document “Competency Based, Performance Oriented Teacher Education, commitment has been defined. Its Psychological Process, Factors, Behavioral Correlates have been identified. A package for teacher commitment with 9 modules has been developed and tested.

4. Profile of 100 VIII Class Students – Bharati Vidhya Bhavan School funding, Rs. 25K. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School, Bhimavaram, West Godavari Project, 1991.
Psychological Profiles of 100 students of Class VIII comprising Emotional, Intellectual,
Social, Ethical, Spiritual Developments were prepared. Case Sheets were prepared and given to principal, parents and teachers providing guidance.

5. Preparation and Publication of Text Books on Education in Sanskrit Medium –
Ministry of Human Resource Development funding, Govt. of India funding, Rs. 100K. Funded by the Min. HRD to publish text books of B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Sanskrit Medium.

6. Quality Improvement of Teaching Methodology of Sanskrit of Degree College
Lecturers – Ministry of Human Resource development, Govt. of India funding, Rs.


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